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Free UK shipping on orders over £20
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How it works

How it works


Choosing coffee beans can be difficult when you are new to making coffee yourself. Often at times you will guess or hope that you will like the beans based on the flavours advertised on the label. However this isn't always the case.
This creates a substantial chance that you are stuck with coffee beans you don't like. Either they go in the bin or you don't enjoy your morning coffee as much as you should be. Either way something must be done to ensure the beans you order are to your liking. 
So thats what we have done! Jakare Coffee is a platform which promises small samples of coffee beans for you to trial and dial to make sure you like the flavours, before going on to purchase a 250g / 1kg bag of coffee beans. 
We offer 83.33g samples of coffee beans for free so you can dial in a good extraction and decide if you want to purchase a full size bag. 83.33g is enough for 4 x 18g-21g doses of coffee which we think is plenty of tries to get the grind and weight right. 
If you don't like the taste, then don't buy the full size bag! It's as simple as that. 


Step 1:

Choose your free sample bag of coffee beans. We will only charge shipping on these items allowing you to purchase up to 2 sample bags altogether.
Shipping rates are as follows:
1 sample item: 2.99
2 sample items: 4.99
3 items: 
Standard shipping for all over items (not samples) is £3.99
Free shipping when you spend over £25.


Step 2:

Once your samples arrive you can start experimenting with your coffee machine / grinder. In each sample pack you get 83.33g of coffee beans which allows you extract coffee 4 times if following the grind doses of 18g-21g.
Our research shows that most people can achieve a good extraction within 4 tries, so hopefully you can get a good test from this.


Step 3:

Now you will have an idea on which bean suits you. You can then go on to purchase a larger bag of coffee beans you enjoyed the most!
Step 4: Enjoy every morning from here on out.